Start the conversation.

Sometimes customers just need to talk to a human. We can help people call or message your business in just one click.


Win customers faster with messaging.

Build customer relationships quickly when you let them text you directly from your mobile search ads.

Turn callers into customers.

Make it easy for potential customers to call you from your search ads. You can even create ads that focus solely on driving calls to your business.

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  • Drive calls or messages during specific hours.

    If your staff is only available to respond during certain business hours, schedule your call or texting options to only show during those hours.

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  • See how calls affect your bottom line.

    Understand where your most valuable calls come from with key data like call length and call conversions.

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    Source: Google/Ipsos Research, September 2013.


70% of mobile searchers report that they click to call directly from search results.*