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Advertise with images: display advertising

The Google Display Network is a group of over two million websites that reaches 90% of internet users worldwide — and your display ads can show up across it, where and when it matters.

So what are display ads, and how do they work? AdWords gives you the option to design ads with text, images, video, or even animation to grab attention and get your message out the way you want. Targeting options let you choose more specifically which sites on the display network you want your ads to appear on, so you reach an audience that’s interested in what you offer. It’s all about you being able to make the right choices for you when it comes to promoting your business. Check out this guide to learn more about Google image ads and the Display Network.

In this guide, we’ll explore:

  • What the Google Display Network is, and the benefits of advertising on it
  • How to match your ad to sites that could help you reach your ideal potential customers
  • All the design and format options for eye-catching ads
  • Ways of measuring your display advertising results

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