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Over a million business advertisers use Google AdWords to find new customers. Discover some of their success stories.


Get inspired and see how AdWords has enabled Zyrobotics to get their mobile apps in front of families so kids of all ages, all abilities learn while having fun.

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Manitobah Mukluks

Discover how an Aboriginal-owned and proudly Canadian business used AdWords to tell their story, grow their business, and make a positive impact in their community.

Discover Hawaii Tours

When Discover Hawaii Tours lost the business of local hotels, they turned to AdWords to market directly to people wanting to discover the Aloha spirit.


Iconic Ann Arbor business, Zingerman’s, takes their specialty food offerings nationwide with the help of AdWords.

Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh To You grew their business with AdWords and helped connect people to fresh produce and the local farmers who grow it.


Discover how Bridget and Joe turned their headphone company into a source of hope for the hearing impaired, with the help of video ads on YouTube.

Tree House Brothers

The Tree House Brothers started with an idea to build treehouses for families. With the help of AdWords, they ended up building a successful business from the ground up.

Casa Kids

Roberto started Casa Kids to build fun, fanciful furniture for children. See how AdWords helped boost the company’s website traffic by over 30% within just a few months.


Grubhub drives app growth with AdWords.

3 Day Blinds

See how 3 Day Blinds drives calls with AdWords to build stronger connections with their customers.


Nissan utilizes Adwords to convert online leads to in-store visits.

Adore Me

Adore Me uses Google Search in time for Valentine’s Day to drive installs with 4X higher in-app conversion rates.

DSL Extreme

DSL Extreme speeds up performance with calls.

Jerome's Furniture

Jerome's Furniture welcomes more shoppers through its doors with AdWords.


Colgate Optic White drives 1116% increase in brand interest by reinventing its video strategy.


FIAT's 500X crossover ad drives audience engagement on YouTube.


How trivago gets more clicks and lower CPAs in 50+ markets with Dynamic Search Ads.


Etermax’s Trivia Crack expands globally with 40% lower CPIs and high-quality users using universal app campaigns.


How Maybelline New York's eye-catching YouTube campaign dared consumers to 'Go Nude'.

New Balance

New Balance races past pre-order goal with YouTube TrueView and Google Lightbox Ads.


AdWords store visits helps PetSmart measure how Google Search advertising affects in-store traffic.

Career Path Training

Click-to-message ads accelerate lead generation for Career Path Training.

Ultimate Medical Academy

Ultimate Medical Academy builds strong connections with students and alumni using click-to-message ads.