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“Google’s Display Planner helps Performics mine insights to create experiences that engage the right person at the right moment.”
Beatriz Fernandez De Bordons - SVP Performance Media, Performics

How it works

Discover ideas for reaching
your audience.

Simply enter what your customers are interested in and the websites they visit — Display Planner will do the rest. You’ll see ready-made ad groups you can use, along with the gender and age breakout for each.

Pick the ideas best for
meeting your goals.

See the performance you can expect for each audience targeting idea and pick the ideas best for meeting your campaign goals. Display Planner allows you to see real-time forecasts showing how your plan might perform – from clicks to impressions – based on a given bid and budget.

Create your plan and
share it.

Preview the ideas you’ve added and save the plan to your account. A quick, one-click download lets you share it with others. When you’re ready, you can apply it and turn on your campaign.

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