How to Increase Brand Awareness Online

How to Increase Brand Awareness Online

Put your business at the forefront of people’s minds. Learn how to increase brand awareness online with a few quick tips and tricks from Google AdWords.

You may already use online ads for your direct response campaigns. But did you know that Google AdWords can increase brand awareness online, too?

Brand awareness campaigns are different from other kinds of advertising, because the goal isn’t necessarily to get people to buy from you or visit your store immediately. Instead, the goal is to capture attention, making your brand more recognizable, relatable, and memorable to your potential customers, so next time they want what you have to offer, they think of you.

Read on to learn how you can use AdWords to boost your brand’s visibility online.

Show up when people search

Search ads (the ads that show up on when people search for words or phrases related to your business) are the first place to start with raising brand awareness online, because they remind people of your business the moment they’re looking for what you have to offer. One study showed that search ads could potentially raise “top-of-mind awareness” (that is, the brand that comes to mind first for search users) by an average of 80%.

People who are searching for specific topics are in a receptive mindset — they’re looking for information. So if a brand appears in front of them, there’s potentially a strong likelihood they’ll remember it.

If you’d like to read more about this brand awareness study, you can find it here.

Search ads brings your brand front and center.

Capture attention on the Google Display Network

Display ads — which show up on relevant sites across the Google Display Network — offer an expanded set of options for helping an audience connect with your brand.

The Google Display Network is made up of over 2 million websites, reaching over 90% of internet users worldwide. With such a wide potential audience, you have the chance to gain a lot of exposure. And, if you’d like more refined attention, you can target specific websites or groups.

Display ads also offer a variety of creative options, including eye-catching banner ads, animation, or videos. So not only can you reach a wider set of potential customers, you can show off your brand’s personality to establish a stronger connection.

Learn more about how to increase brand awareness on the Display Network here.

From your online advertising to your in-store slogans, your brand should be consistent across all channels. This helps to create brand recognition and reinforce imagery.

Measure your success

With AdWords, you don’t have to guess what’s working. You can track and measure the success of your advertising, so you can make incremental changes to improve the reach of your brand awareness campaigns. Here are three brand-focused metrics to keep an eye on:

  • Reach and frequency: These two metrics — different but related — often come up in the same breath. “Reach” measures the total number of visitors who have seen your ad, while “frequency” measures the average number of times each visitor saw the ad over a period of time. Since one aim of brand campaigns is increased awareness, an increase in these numbers can be a sign your campaign is going well.

  • Impressions: This number refers to the number of time your ad shows up overall. Like “reach” and “frequency”, an increase in impressions can indicate your ad is getting better exposure. (Hint: if you’re more interested in impressions than clicks to your ad, you can set up a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) campaign instead of a more traditional cost-per-click (CPC) one.)

  • Conversion rate: This number refers to the number of people who saw your ad, clicked on it, and then took the action that you designated — i.e. making a purchase, giving you a call, filling out a form, etc. In a brand campaign, this metric may give you some insight into whether or not you’re positioning your brand well for your ideal audience.

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