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Amplify your local online advertising with AdWords

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Reach new customers beyond flyers on the community board and advertising in the phone book. Google AdWords enables businesses to use some of the tactics of old, just in a new space: the Internet. Allow nearby customers searching for your services to do some window shopping, easily get on the phone and more, with these useful local advertising tools.

  • 1. Location, Location, Location: Location Targeting
  • 2. Close for Comfort: Location Extensions
  • 3. You've Got It, Flaunt It: Local Inventory Ads
  • 4. If You Need Me, Call Me: Call Extensions
  • 5. All Aboard: AdWords Express

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses that want to display ads on Google search results and its advertising network.

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If your local business advertising strives to get customers from online to on-the-line, AdWords call extensions can drastically simplify the process of connecting with customers.
Location, Location, Location: Location Targeting

Define “local”

With Google AdWords, how precisely you define "local" is entirely up to you. Using location targeting, you get to set your definition and, in turn, ensure that your ads only appear where your customers are. From an entire country down to the area of a single zip code, businesses have the power to target those areas most relevant to them.

Target your location

It only takes a few minutes to hone in on these locations for the sake of your local online advertising success. In your AdWords account, click the Campaigns tab, and choose the campaign that you’d like to use location targeting for. Under the Settings tab for that campaign, click Edit in the Locations section. Then you’re free to choose the location you want to target by entering the name of the town or the digits of the postcode that you’d like to advertise in. Once you’ve got the right one selected, just click Add and then save your changes. Find out more about your targeting options to make local online advertising work where you need it to.

Measure geographic performance

Once your business is targeting different locations, you’ll also have the ability to evaluate how your ads are performing in each individual area. Measuring geographic performance is an excellent way to identify places where your local business advertising campaigns are achieving your goals as well as areas in your local market where you have room to improve. Ultimately you’ll be able to make decisions on which ads shown in what locations are going to drive the best results for your business, allowing you to refine your focus or even exclude ads from certain locations.

Location Targeting

For each ad campaign, you can select locations to show your ad. Location Targeting allows your ad to appear to people in the locations that you've selected.

Close for Comfort: Location Extensions

Local businesses can take things up a notch in their local online advertising efforts by adding location extensions to their ads. While location targeting allows you to target larger areas around your business, location extensions give businesses an extra level of precision, and give nearby customers the information and encouragement that they need to visit you in person.

For businesses that utilise Google My Business, a free service that makes all of your business addresses available online, adding location extensions to your ads will show customers your business location and phone number, and place a helpful map marker alongside your ad. You will then be able to reach customers located within a specific radius of your shop front. So if, for instance, you’re looking to entice customers in the neighbourhood to drop by for an ice cold smoothie on a hot day, you can make sure that your ads show up for anyone searching for 'smoothies' within the distance of your choosing. And if you’re particularly focused on those smoothie-seekers located within one mile of your location, as opposed to those within ten miles, you can even raise your bids within the smaller radius to reflect that added urgency.

You've Got It, Flaunt It: Local Inventory Ads

If your business is dealing in smoothies or some other type of sustenance, your customers can safely assume that you're not going to run out of the nourishment that they're searching for any time soon. For retailers trying to attract customers with local online advertising though, it can be quite a different story. With Google Shopping campaigns, businesses can offer local customers on the hunt for certain items that added bit of assurance that the exact products they’re searching for are indeed in stock. Find out more about how you can provide customers with local inventory ads that put your unique (and in-stock) offerings on display and drive traffic to your business location.

What are Shopping Ads?

Shopping ads are a type of ad that features detailed information about specific products that you sell. Shopping ads can refer to Product Shopping ads, which feature just one product, or Showcase Shopping ads, which feature several related products.

If You Need Me, Call Me: Call Extensions

For some businesses, local online advertising is not all about this kind of foot traffic, or even Web traffic. For these businesses, it’s all about getting that phone to ring. If your local business advertising strives to get customers from online to on the line, AdWords call extensions can drastically simplify the process of connecting with customers.

Call extensions will add a clickable 'Call' to your online ads, allowing mobile users to reach you in a flash. So when your business is looking to encourage customers to make an order or an appointment, you can be sure this will be as easy for them as possible. Businesses can even create specialised call-only campaigns that place all of the focus on getting customers on the phone straight away. With call-only campaigns, you’ll be bidding based on the value of a call rather than a click, which can be a groundbreaking shift for many local online advertising campaigns.

All Aboard: AdWords Express

Using the tools above individually or as part of an all-of-the-above local business advertising strategy can transform the way businesses reach new and nearby audiences. However, the reality for many local businesses is that their owners and staff have to dedicate their valuable time to more essential components of day-to-day operations, leaving little time to enhance their local online advertising efforts. If this sounds like you, we offer Google AdWords Express, a fully automated advertising platform that does the work of managing ads for you, allowing you to stick to what you do best. Take the first steps towards local online advertising success, and then let AdWords take it from there.

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